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Displaying Patriotism for all Generations

Wanted to give you a little preview of what the SAL project is for this year and beyond. If you would like to help in anyway or donate to this project please get in contact with us. 

All About the Project

We will be honoring the fallen more than the plaque that is currently there which is WW1 and WW2. We will be honoring the men and women who have served our country with ultimate sacrifice for this country and its freedoms. The insert displays will be used for the men and women who have fallen and for the art class to display their projects of freedom and freedom of art through the year. The proposed project aims to benefit the community by honoring fallen soldiers in every war throughout history, educating children about the sacrifices made for freedom, fostering patriotism, creating a sense of camaraderie, and promoting appreciation for local families affected by loss. The project will involve local companies and high school students in designing memorials, with a target completion date of December 1, 2024. The products will be disseminated through local channels such as the high school, newspapers, and the American Legion, focusing on serving Canaan, VT, and Essex County. This project will be accomplished in the Canaan Memorial High School building for everyone to see as they come into the building after checking in through the front office on 99 School Street, Canaan, VT 05903. 

before and after pics
Project Sketch by LM 2024
Project sketch 2024
SAL Symbol
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